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Pubg Stats

PubgAnalyzer is an advanced Pubg stats and analysis platform for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

: Desert / Solo / Fpp

Matches Analyzed

Kills / K.D

Calculated from all matches.


Average Attacks per Match


Average Fights per Match

Pubg Stats for K.D over time

Pubg Stats for Attacks Analysis


- Ended with a kill

Avg. Damage Per Attack

- Total damage from all attacks

Pubg Stats for Defence Analysis

Attacks On You

Number of unprovoked attacks on you


Kills Of Unprovoked Attacks

No Defence

You didn't respond to an attack

Sec. Response Time

Avg. Response Time To Attacks

Deaths - 2.5 minutes

You died under 2.5 minutes

Defenceless Player Kills

You Killed Defenceless Player


You Died Defenceless

You Were Killed Defenceless

Pubg Stats for Hits, Kills, Deaths

Aim Hit Location - Hits



Maps Matches

Maps Kills

Maps K.D

Weapons Used In Fights By Percent

Weapons Kill Success By Percent

Weapons Damage By Percent

Weapons Killed You

Pubg Stats for Team Members

Team Members You Play The Most

Team Members You Win The Most

Team Members Top Ten

Team Members Kill Count

Team Members Who Dies First

Team Members Who Backs you up In Fights

Team Members Who Revives You

Team Members You Revive

Pubg Stats for Attachments Kills

Kills Count For Attachments Use