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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, we are PubgAnalyzer Team.
These are the most frequent questions regarding our platform,
if you feel like you didn't receive an answer to you question, don't hesitate to contact us.


What is PubgAnalyzer?

PubgAnalyzer is an advanced analytics and stats for Pubg - PlayerUnknown Battleground. we provide in depth analysis of your gameplay.


Where do you get the information from?

All the raw data is retrieved from the official Pubg Api, once the data is received, we run intense calculations and algorithms in order to show you the most interesting conclusions.


How often does my stats get updated?

Every player account is updated automatically every 24 hours with the previous day matches.


Why is the first time analysis takes longer to process?

In most cases, the first run includes all games of the latest season, it could be a lot, you could leave your email and we will send you a link a soon as we are done.


Why do i have only a few matches?

due to heavy calculations, we pull only the latest matches of the current season, from then on, every 24 hours, all of your matches would be automatically added to your stats.


Is PubgAnalyzer free?

Yes, its totaly free, we love PubG :)