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Pubg Stats Explained

Learn to use PubgAnalyzer stats.

Understanding the stats to their full could give you many insights and ideas what you could change and improve in order to get better at Pubg.

PubgAnalyzer is the most comprehensive analytics and stats website for Pubg, therefore it
could be very overwhelming to understand all the stats, graphs and charts that are displayed.

First Pubg Stats Analysis

Visit Pubg Stats page, write your nick name exactly as in the game, it’s case sensitive.
Let the Algorithm finish scanning and analyzing your matches, it may take a few minutes,
so be patient, it’s worth it.

Understanding the stats to their full could give you many insights and ideas what you
could change and improve in order to get better at Pubg. So let’s start by understanding the basics,
so if you are fairly new to Pubg Stats, please read the Pubg Stats Key Words Dictionary first.

Understanding Your Pubg Stats and improving

After searching your Pubg nick name and after PubgAnalyzer finished analyzing your matches,
you would be displayed with a lot of stats and analysis reports of your gameplay, Aim, team members
and much more. The main stats page is divided into a couple of sections:

  • Main Pubg Stats
  • In Game performance analysis
  • Pubg Aim Stats
  • Pubg Map Stats
  • Pubg Weapons Stats
  • Pubg Team Members Stats
  • Pubg Attachments Stats

Main Pubg Stats

After your account has been analyzed, you would be displayed with 3 sections
for 3 match modes, Solo, Duo and Squad. For each mode you would see your stats,
some are received directly from Pubg API and some are calculated by PubgAnalyzer.

K.D, Matches, Kills, Dbno’s, Wins, Avg. Damage and Head Shot Kills are received from the official Pubg API.
Country Ranking, World Wide Ranking and PGA Points are calculated by PubgAnalyzer.
You can see what each one means by visiting our Pubg Stats Lingo Page

You will notice the “221% ABOVE AVG” next to some of them, this means that you are either
above or below the average player stat in the specific section, in the displayed
sample, this player’s K.D is well above the avg. player. PGA points are calculated by many parameters of your stats and combined to a rank that is by country or worldwide.

All Avg. and ranking are only from within the PubgAnalyzer’s player base and not all Pubg Player worldwide.

In Game performance analysis

At this section you can see you performance while in a match,
let’s just try to figure out some conclusions based on the image displayed above.
We would not go over all of them, but we will focus on a few important ones

1.21 seconds Response Time, which is 32% above average. What that means?
Well, this means that from the moment an enemy fired upon you and hit, it takes you 1.21 seconds to fire back.
Now, according to your own expectations from yourself, you can decide if 1.21 seconds is fast enough.
If the answer is no, then you understand that
you need to be faster on the trigger.

84.36 Average Damage per Attack, which is 16% above average. What that means?
100 means that the enemy is dead. So here you can see that this is a very deadly player, at every attack on
other players he is almost kills them immediately and maybe one more hit would finish the deal. This is one of the most important stats that should definitely be above average
if you want to get those over 10 kills games. An important part of a deadly attack is where you hit, so go for the
head if you can and get this number up.

21.43% Died after lending, which is 59% above average. What that means?
Died after lending is considered only when you die under 2.5 minutes since lending.
so if your number are high above the average, this means you should start consider
lending on a less hot drop like BootCamp or paradise, and start landing in a calmer places,
loot up and start fighting. Improving in this area is easy and has a big impact on your stats.

Pubg Aim Stats

Your Pubg Aim Stats, in our opinion are defiantly the most important stat there is.
This tells you in percent, where you hit your enemies when you attack.
See in the image above, this player has an 18.48% Headshot, it’s very high
and it means that in a spray of 10 bullets, he hits 2 in the head,
almost always means he killed the enemy. So if you want to improve dramatically, get this percent
as high as you can. The average of medium ranked player is about 12%,
pro player has well above the 17%

Pubg Weapon Stats is covered in depth at a different article

Read the full article Pubg Weapon Stats

Pubg Team Members Stats

While going through your team member stats, you can realize a lot of interesting
facts that can make you realize if you are playing with the right people for you and your gameplay.
For example, you can check out the “Team Members Who Backs you up
In Fights” section and find out if your team members are actually pulling their
weight while in a fight. There are many more stats regrading team member that could enlighten you
about your team members and help you get a lot better.

Pubg Attachments Stats

Find out what are the best attachment for you, is the Vertical, lightweight,
half or any other grip is better for you. Same for the scopes and other attachments.

Thank You
PubgAnalyzer Team