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Pubg Weapon Stats Explained

Find out what is the best Weapon for you

In this article I will explain how and what is the best way to use the Pubg Weapon stats section of PubgAnalyzer.

First we would analyze your current weapons status and decide if you are using the correct AR, Sniper or DMR for you. Let’s get started: Follow these steps as I guide you to understand your own Pubg Weapon Stats.

First Pubg Stats Analysis

Visit Pubg Stats page, write your nick name exactly as in the game, it’s case sensitive. Let the Algorithm finish scanning and analyzing your matches, it may take a few minutes, so be patient, it’s worth it.

Next, Navigate to Pubg Weapon Stats page from the main menu. After a few seconds you would be displayed with detailed comparison tables for:

  • Assault Rifles stats
  • Sniper Rifles stats
  • SMGs stats
  • DMRs stats
  • Shotguns stats
  • LMGs stats
  • Handguns stats
  • other stats
We would focus and dive in to the Assault Rifles stats table, you can repeat the process for every type of weapon.

Understanding the weapon stats

The table consists of 9 columns:

  • Weapon: the name of the weapon
  • Kills: the number of kills done with the weapon
  • Kills %: the percent of kills done with the weapon from total kills
  • Use %: the percent you used the weapon from all weapons
  • Head shots %: the percent of your shots that hit the head
  • Body shots %: the percent of your shots that hit the body.
  • Pelvis shots %: the percent of your shots that hit the pelvis.
  • Leg shots %: the percent of your shots that hit the legs.
  • Arm shots %: the percent of your shots that hit the arms.

First we will start with a display of a good balanced player weapon stats display,
it’s not about the actual number (high or low)it’s about the all stats for your main weapon to be highlighted.
As you can see in the table above, there are red markers that highlight the best performing weapons on specific areas.
On this example we can see a very balanced weapon percentage, this player uses the M4 the most,
has the highest headshot percent with it and highest kill percent.
This means that the player is using the right weapon for him, even the body shot percent
is fairly high which is also important.

Now, let’s take a look at an “Unbalanced Player Weapon Stats”

As you can see at the table above, the red highlights are all over and not favorite a single weapon
like the previous player, the red marker on the “Use” highlights the M4 that player uses the most.
It’s clearly shows that this is the wrong weapon for him. If you notice the green markers,
you can see that this player should play with the AKM or the SCAR-L with
a slight preference to the SCAR-L.

When you understand how to read your weapon stats it’s easy to figure out what is the best weapon for you.
Now do the same for you snipers, DMR’s and SMG.

If you have any questions, we would be glad to help, just contact us and we
would respond as soon as possible.

Thank You
PubgAnalyzer Team